Volunteers – the life blood of the rescue

Adam Bailey Rescues and Rehomes is run entirely by volunteers so every penny that comes into the rescue is spent on the animals in our care.  We need lots of people working together in order to make this possible and we are lucky to have dedicated volunteers who do as much as they can. However, there is more work than our present team of volunteers can cover so we need YOU.

You don’t have to have lots of free time to volunteer nor do you have to commit to a regular weekly amount of time. Even just an hour every so often would be a helpful contribution to the rescue. Here are some of the tasks that you might be able to help with:



From time to time we might need help transporting a dog from one location to another, or collecting donations on our behalf. Whenever we need help, we put out a call on our dedicated Volunteers Facebook Page with the details, and a volunteer who is able to spare an hour or two could offer to help with the single task.



You could volunteer to be a drop-off point for the rescue so that supporters can leave any donations for the rescue at your home until a volunteer can collect them and take them to the sanctuary.



We enable adoptions anywhere in the country and we need to get home checks completed before an adoption can go ahead.  Volunteers can volunteer to do these home checks at a convenient time which fits around their work and home life.



This can literally be anything – as long as it is humane and legal!! You could do something as simple as baking a cake and selling it at your place of work to raise some money. You could donate any unwanted gits to be used as prizes for our auctions and raffles. You can organise a Table Top Sale or a Bring & Buy Sale at your local village hall, you can organise a Quiz Night, you could help man the ABRAR market stall at Wimborne, you could do a Car Boot Sale …..the list is endless.



We have a fabulous team of admin volunteers who are responsible for responding to queries on the Facebook page and our website.  You do not have to travel to do this, but can do it in the comfort of your own home.  Shifts can be worked out to fit around your work and family commitments, and can be as short as a couple of hours per week.  You will get full training and support.



This is one of the most important roles in the rescue.  Having someone willing to be a foster carer is the difference between the rescue being able to agree to save an animal, or having to say NO. Foster carers do not have to have special qualifications.  We need animal lovers with common sense who just want to make a difference to an animal’s life.  Some foster carers may only foster an animal once, and some are able to help several animals. Every volunteer makes their own choices.

We prefer our foster carers to live within an hour’s drive of the SP8 postcode area, so that we are able to provide them with effective and timely support. They have to have a secure attached garden, and be willing to commit to helping the animal find its forever home by having prospective adopters meet the animal at their home, and provide regular updates to the rescue.  All expenses and vet fees are covered by the rescue. It does not matter if you have children or other pets.  We carefully match our dogs to the family circumstances.


If you would like to help with any of these roles,  please fill out the short form below and one of the team members will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Could you be who we are looking for?

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