We have known Adam for a few years now thanks to him helping us and we we will never forget how much him and his team did, and we always try to donate and help him but we are a few hours away from him without transport so can’t help as much as we would like as in the practical side but ever since speaking to him we knew how much he cared for animals and how much he helped them and now the team has gotten a lot bigger so even more animals can be helped thanks to everyone but they still need lots of helpers and donations

So if your reading this to get help with an animal then no doubt Adam and the team will help

Or if your reading this wanting to help you would be helping a great team do their thing by helping the animals whether that’s through donations or becoming one of the team

Or if you are wanting to add a new 4 legged member to your family these are the people to speak to
Thank you

Andrew Grady and Amanda Taylor

Adam Bailey rescue and rehomes is amazing . If it wasn’t for Adam I really don’t know what we would of done.
We met Adam through a lot of other good rescuers a few years ago when our dogs started to fight alot more unfortunately we had to rehome one of them as the fights got to bad we even lived 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs. It was getting that bad we was scared what would happen. And that’s where adam came in . We will always be grateful for what adam has done for us. As he didn’t just help baba girl even though we will never forget her he also helped me and Andrew and Nico and now down to adam all 4 of us are happy and living not just existing

We found Adam Bailey Rescue and Rehomes on Facebook when looking for a new addition to our family. We felt strongly that we wanted to rescue and we were so pleased to find Jacob. The communication was fantastic, from the initial message of interest, to the home check and when we met Jacob. We have also hugely appreciated the follow up support from Adam and the team, knowing someone is just a message or phone call away is so reassuring.
Charlotte Bowler

I lost my dear Georgie before his time due to heart failure and was bereft. I knew I needed some company to fill the empty space he left. Almost straight away I got two terriers, Charlie and Archie, who I had for a few weeks but who were a bit much for me and my circumstances so they went on elsewhere and were quite quickly rehomed. After a short holiday Adam then let me have Sophie, a little JR/Staffy cross. She has been hard work, and at first I was offering her to everyone who showed an interest as I thought she was too boisterous for me. Adam was always there to offer support, and even take her for me on odd days when I had to work and could not leave her. After 6 months this little dog, who had been horribly treated, was showing what an amazing little girl she is and at Christmas after 9 months with her I told Adam he was not getting her back. But he continues to offer support, helping me when I was struggling with her snapping at other dogs, and we liaise to organise her medication for her epilepsy. I am constantly in awe of the help that Adam gives me and Sophie, while also juggling rescuing of more dogs, rehoming, finding fosters, managing home checks, running fundraising events – the list goes on. I know he doesn’t do it all on his own, but I just don’t know how it all gets done. Selfishly I have fallen in love with a cracking little dog now that she is finding her confidence – thanks Adam!!
Jane Batten

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