There are some dogs which require constant medication

Long Term Dogs

What is a long-term dog? A long-term dog is a dog that comes in to our care that may have long term medical or behavioural issues which will mean that they will either not be able to be rehomed or will have to remain under our care and supervision for a long period of time before able to be rehomed. We have many dogs that have been classed as long term and have made a huge turn around in a short space of time with hard work and dedication. Let’s meet a few of our long-term dogs.


Sophie is such an amazing dog. She is the very definition of spirit, and an utter joy to spend time with. Sophie unfortunately had previously suffered, and for a long time. Sophie was abused beyond belief. She had cigarette burns, scars inflicted by other dogs, she...

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Becky’s owner sadly passed away suddenly leaving her alone in her owners flat for several days. We got her to Dorset to give her a chance of finding happiness again. Becky sadly has suffered a long time with slipping patella which is where the knee caps wobble...

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Chance broke a lot of hearts and you might be surprised to find him in our success stories but we feel his story needs to be told and he certainly must never be forgotten. Chance was being handed in by his owner, he was ten years old and we were told he had a little...

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Vincent was never going to be easy. Vincent was rescued off the streets of Bosnia by a wonderful man called Caki. He was rushed in for emergency surgery as was found with his ear completely missing from the side of his head. It’s a hard life being a street dog,...

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Stan was handed in to the rescue the week before Christmas 2015 as he was exhibiting extreme behaviour. When Stan was handed in it was obvious to see he must have been in extreme pain. His eyes were swollen like golf balls and had a permanent stream...

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Medication for long termers is expensive

However with your help we can make sure they get their medicine, food, water and most importantly some company from someone who cares for them.

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