Rescuing an animal isn’t simply just a case of taking it away from danger

Here at Adam Bailey rescues and rehomes we rely on the support and generous donations from our followers in order not only to help rehabilitate and allow animals within our care to progress, but also to be able to take any more in the future.

We appreciate and are humbled by every donation we receive, even the smallest amounts in some peoples minds all add up and make a real difference. 

For example with a £1 donation alone we can buy treats for a dog, which will allow them to be given a short training session, not only benefitting the dog, but also improving the chances that they can be rehomed. That’s just from £1 but imagine if 100 people all gave a pound?

With a £10 donation we can get a dog micro-chipped not only complying with with the law, but obviously increasing their chances of being reunited should they ever become lost.

For a £25 donation we could buy agility equipment for a dog and suddenly give them a purpose some proper stimulation and exercise and of course improve their chances of being re-homed.

For a £100 donation we could get a male dog neutered, for £150 we could get a female dog spayed. These may seem like large amounts for one person to donate, but there’s no need for that to happen, 150 people all giving £1 achieves the same thing.

Every penny counts and we are eternally grateful for everything we receive, even none financial donations of things like food, bedding, bowls, leads, harnesses, crates and carriers are all in desperate need all of the time and everything we get donated, it saves us need to buy and only gets used to benefit the animals in our care.

If you have any ideas for fundraising, or would like to do something yourself in order to help us people don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Donations allow us to give a pet the chance it deserves

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