Name: Cassie Sex: Female Age: 6 Location: WeymouthCharacter: Cassie is a very sweet and gentle 6 year old sprocker crossbreed who came into the rescue with her (non blood-related) sibling Molly when their owner passed away. They are both lovely, well behaved, gentle...

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Name: Molly Sex: Female Age: 12 Location: WeymouthCharacter: Molly is a sweet and gentle 12 year old sprocker crossbreed who came into the rescue with her (not blood related) sibling Cassie when her owner passed away. They are both lovely, well behaved, gentle and...

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Name: Gloria Sex: Female Age: 5-6 years Location: Shaftesbury Character: Gloria is a 5-6 year old Shih Tzu / terrier crossbreed.  Shortly after she came into the rescue from a pound, we discovered that she was fairly heavily pregnant, so we will be helping her birth...

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Homing Requirements

At ABRaR, as with many rescues, we have homing requirements. These are specifically designed to ensure the dogs we home are going into an environment where they will be safe and cared for. The requirements also ensure that the dog is suited to the new owners, especially where there are children or other pets in the home.

All adoptions will be subject to a home check to ensure the following requirements are met:

Sadly, not all dogs are child friendly and can not be homed where there are children. Some dogs are only suitable for homes with children above a certain age, not because they are unfriendly, usually it is quite the opposite, they are over friendly, small children can be knocked over and hurt. If you have children at home or visiting on a regular basis, please ensure you check the dogs profile for suitability.

Other Pets
Not all dogs are cat and bunny friendly. Some dogs will not share a home with another dog. This information will be in the dogs profile, please read this, it is there to protect the dog and your other pets.
If you have other dog/s, to be considered for adopting one of our rescues, your dog/s must be neutered/spayed. We will not home one of our dogs with other ‘intact’ dogs.

Outside Space
All our dogs must have direct access to a secure, attached, outside space. This is considered as necessary for the dogs welfare and safety. This does not have to be acres with room for a pony, but must be suitable for the size and breed of the dog.

Matching a dog to your lifestyle is critical to a successful adoption. When it comes to exercise, different dogs have different needs, but they all need be taken for a walk. Some dogs are quite happy to have a quick run around the door mat and chase the odd ball, weather permitting. Others need lots of physical exercise come rain or shine. Please be realistic about the amount of exercise you can provide, selecting the wrong dog can cause misery for both dog and owner, this can result in the dog coming back into rescue.

Having a full time day job may not necessarily exclude you from adopting but the dog must not be left unattended for any longer than 4 hours. These are rescue dogs and many come with ‘baggage’, it can be damaging for them to be left alone for hours on end.

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