Adoption story of the month

Do you remember Ursula? Ursula came into the rescue from an overseas rescue last October aged 7 months, together with her three siblings.

All four of them were completely petrified little dogs who had had a very difficult start to their lives and never expected to receive any kindness from human beings. Ellie and her family met and fell in love with Ursula and adopted her just before Christmas.

Ursula is now known as Lucy. Lucy settled into her new family in an active rural home very quickly. Within a few days she started to learn to play and to walk nicely on a lead. Lucy met lots of people and started to lose her fear of people, and even began to enjoy having people make a fuss of her.

Ellie described her as “an absolute delight”. She is a happy boisterous little girl with a mischievous streak, who loves life. The first photo shows her and her siblings when they first arrived. What a JOY to see how she has transformed from the petrified little pup we first met to this confident happy dog who is adored by her family. Lucky girl!!


Name: Beau Sex: Male Age: 10 Location: ShaftesburyCharacter: Beau came into the rescue in January 2019 from a pound.  He is a ten year old Lhasa Apso who was abandoned just before Christmas.  When he was first rescued, he was in very poor...

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Name: Adele Sex: Female Age: 3-4 years Location: Shaftesbury Character: Adele is a very sweet 3-4 year old French bulldog, who came into the rescue in January from a dog pound. She is still being assessed as she has only been with us a few...

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Name: Aramis Sex: Male Age: 4 months Location: Blandford Forum Character: Aramis is a four month old terrier crossbreed puppy who came into the rescue this week, with his sibling Athos,  after having been rescued from a Romanian kill shelter....

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Name: Flossy Sex: Female Age: TBC Location: Wool Character: Flossy is a very sweet and gentle Bedlington terrier / whippet crossbreed. Her foster carer jokes that she thinks Flossy is part kangaroo because she is such a magnificent jumper, who can achieve a 3.5 foot...

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Name: Delilah Sex: Female Age: TBA Location: Sherborne Character: Delilah is a delightful little Jack Russell Terrier bitch.  We are not yet sure of her age as we are still awaiting her paperwork, but she appears to be quite young and spirited. She absolutely loves...

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Name: Emmy Sex: Female Age: 7 years (approx) Location: Shaftesbury Character: Emmy is a small terrier crossbreed who came into the rescue this week.  She is a very quiet, sweet girl who is a little overweight at the moment.  She is very food oriented which is useful...

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Name: Leni Sex: Male Age: 7 months Location: Blandford Forum Character: Leni is a very sweet boy who was rescued from a Romanian kill shelter.  He is a collie cross who will grow to be a medium sized dog. He gets on very well with other dogs, cats and children.  He is...

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Name: Alfie Sex: Male Age: 3-4 years Location: Blandford Forum Character: Alfie is a very sweet and appealing boy who is about 3-4 years old.  He is a chi crossbreed who was rescued from a Romanian kill shelter. He gets on well with other dogs, and loves attention...

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Name: Miha Sex: Female Age: 2-3 years Location: Shaftesbury Character: Miha is a lovely gentle girl who is just under 3 years old who is expected to come into the rescue next week. She is a medium sized crossbreed who loves human company. She had been intended to...

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