AB Rescues and Re-homes

Adam Bailey Rescues and Rehomes is a Dorset based all animal rescue.

We are a foster based rescue, only using kennels only in emergency situations or for dogs that have challenging behaviour and need a safe environment in order to meet their needs.

As a rescue we are non-destruct which means we won’t put any animal to sleep for any reason other than a medical condition that is not treatable.

We are as passionate about people as we are animals and actively encourage people of all abilities to get involved; whether its to foster, transport, home check, fund raise or any of the other many roles which all are just as important as each other in the successful rescuing and rehoming of any animal.

We don’t discriminate against species, breed, age or health.

Our mission is to assist in the safe and successful rescue and rehoming of any animal whose physical, mental and medical needs we are able to meet. Where an the animal cannot be rehomed due to behaviour issues, medical needs, breed or species issues,  it could be provided with a safe, secure and enriched environment where all needs are met.

In 2017, we opened our “starter” sanctuary where we are able to look after the horses, hens, geese and turkeys that we have rescued and are responsible for. In 2019 we hope to go one step further. We are on a mission to raise funds to be able to purchase a sanctuary where we can also provide a safe haven for dogs who need rehabilitation placements after having suffered abuse.  We currently have some dogs waiting in kennels until a sanctuary becomes available.

If you would like to join the fundraising team to help us achieve our aim, we would love to welcome you.

Come meet the team, we don’t bite!

Adam Bailey - Founder and Team Leader

Jackie - Foster Care and Home Checks Manager, Admin Team Member and Foster Carer and Keith - Foster Carer

Mel - Joint Admin Team Manager and Foster Carer

Kelly - Joint Admin Team Manager

Culzean Tate - Admin Team Member

Sadie - Foster Carer

Lindsey - Admin Team Member

Sue - Admin Team Member

April - Admin Team Member

Bonnie - Admin Team Member and Foster Carer

Hannah - Joint Fundraising Manager

Foster Carers


As a rescue we can not function without foster carers! They are the back bone of everything we do and provide the love, support and stability that our dogs need in order to find forever homes. Take a look at a few of our fab foster carers’ journeys with us so far, and see if it inspires you to be part of our team.It could be the best thing you ever did!

Our latest Foster Carer articles

9 months in the life of a fosterer

My life changed as a result of some health issues. I found myself stuck at home and feeling very sorry for myself. I had had dogs all my life, but the last one had been so special to me that I could not bring myself to replace him. What to do?? A friend showed me the...

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Eva’s diary

Eva Diary – settling into a new foster home Eva is a two year old white and tanned lurcher cross who come to us with little respect for humans’ commands, but she loves to get attention from people. When she first arrived, she had hardly any tolerance for other dogs....

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Why fostering a dog is a brilliant idea

Fostering is a brilliant idea. You get too meet all kinds of dogs. You will experience all the types of breeds that you never thought you would meet, and at the end of the day you know you've made a difference to a dog's life. I became ill and had to give up work...

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A word on Puppy farms

One of our forefront campaigns here is against the illegal and commerical breeding of dogs, whether this be backyard puppy farms or large scale operations.
We actively campaign and support many other groups working to rectify this issue. We are often handed information regarding a suspected backyard breeder or puppy farm which is handled in the strictest confidence, we rigoroursly investigate all leads and hand over the relevant information to the proper authorities, if no action is taken, we personally pursue it until it is taken.
We disagree with the notion spouted by many of the ‘big charities’ that there is a “dog shortage” or a “huge demand” and thus the breeding of tens of thousands of dogs per year is a necessity. It is almost as if none of these people have ever been to their local rescue, pound or sanctuary… a dog shortage? Instead of backing and supporting the breeders, these big name charities could quite easily condemn them and promote the idea of fostering and adopting from small and local rescues instead, yet they don’t.

According to the summary of dogs registered with kennel club in the past 15 months or so… and this is only the registered dogs, not the illegal ones! It is apparent we have NO dog shortage.

On many occasions over the past few years we assisted with the rehabilitation and eventual rehoming of many ex puppy farm dogs of varied ages, breeds and backgrounds. Whether these came through our doors as being dumped on public land, brought from online websites or rescued by members of the public they all shared one other trait besides how they came into the world, and that was they knew no love, no affection. They were simply digits, pound notes, a ‘living’ commodity.

Please check out the stills below, and compare alongside the requirements printed on the governments website. Who’s job is it to ensure these requirements are met? At the moment it seems like its ours.

We have launched the slogan #DontBanBreedsBanBreeders in an attempt to spread awareness on two fronts, puppy farming and illegal breeding and the BSL (Breed selective legislation). Both of these jurassic and draconian acts desperately need updating and policing properly or scrapped all together (certainly in regards to BSL) Not only are they for the most part unfair, favouring commerce over morals, but they simply do not work.

We will tirelessy campaign until these changes are made and in the mean time we will continue to help pick up the pieces left by years of breeding for profit, As long as you pay your license fee, welfare goes out the window. We were recently mentioned in a Times article on this very issue which you can read here https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/the-puppy-farm-rescuers-fkspkrfwp

If you have any information you think we should hear about please don’t hesitate to get in touch, all information is strictly confidential and remaining anonymous is completely understood.

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