Name: Sam

Sex: Male

Age: 3

Location: Buckland Newton

Character: Sam is a 3 year old tiny Chihuahua. He is good with children but they must be respectful towards him. He is an independent sou but loves a cuddle on his terms. Sam has been cat and poultry tested and is fine. He can be vocal around livestock. His socialising skills will need further training. He can food and toy guard. He is crate trained.

Type of home required: Sam can live with older children who are respectful to his personal space and could live with another dog providing it is calm and submissive as Sam likes to be the boss! Sam is house trained, he will attempt to scent mark but will stop when corrected. Sam will make a great addition to an outgoing family that has space to accommodate him on their adventures or would also suit a retired couple or individual looking for company and an excuse to get out and about. 

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