Name: Charlie Smiles

Sex: Male

Age: 12

Location: Gillingham

Character: Charlie Smiles as we’ve named him because of his huge smile is a 12 year old staffie cross breed. This mature chap is good with children providing they are respectful and are made aware that he doesn’t want to be pulled and played about with. Charlie Smiles could live with a calm preferable female dog but a calm male would be fine. Charlie loves his walks and is quite strong on a lead and he can be reactive to other dogs while out on his walks. He loves playing with a tennis ball and will quite happily play by himself too. 

Type of home required: Charlie Smiles is looking for a home where he can spend his twilight years in peace. He isn’t destructive when left and is happy to go into a crate to sleep. He isn’t a greedy dog but really enjoys his meaty meal each day. Charlie can be rehomed with another dog providing it is calm. 

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