Name: Lottie

Sex: Female

Age: 11

Location: Weymouth

Character: Lottie is an 11 year old chocolate Labrador who is great with children, cats and other dogs (currently lives with another dog). She can be a little boisterous when first meeting new people but soon settles down. Lottie loves cuddles and getting lots of fuss. She is going slightly blind and deaf due to her age but is still full of life. She does have a lump on her shoulder which has been seen by the vets and is a fatty lump which is not uncommon in older dogs but it causes no problems or pain for Lottie.

Type of home required: Lottie is looking for a relaxed home with someone around to keep her company for most of the day. She is used to living with another dog and her friend Jake is also looking for his forever home. 

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