Name: Delilah

Sex: Female

DoB: 5th March 2019

Location: Blandford Forum

Character: Delilah is an adorable girl, who was one of a litter of four pups born to a lovely dog that had been abandoned at a pound a fortnight before she gave birth. Delilah has all of her mum’s charm and gentleness and playfulness. She is an intelligent girl. As the most adventurous pup in the litter, she likes to explore her surroundings.  She does enjoy her food and loves to play with her toys, sometimes indulging in a little rough-and-tumble play with her siblings. Delilah also really loves a cuddle, as she gazes meltingly into your eyes.

Delilah is flea and worm treated.  She will be receiving her first vaccinations at the age of 8 weeks, and will also be micro-chipped prior to adoption.  There is a (contractual) expectation that anyone who adopts her will have her neutered at their own expense when  she is 6  months old, and they will be required to provide proof that this has been done.


Type of home required: As with all young pups, Delilah needs a home where someone will be about for much of the day to give her the care and attention she will need, particularly in the early months as Delilah will need training and socialising.

Whoever adopts her needs to be prepared to be very patient as, like all pups, she WILL mouth, she WILL chew furniture and wires, and she WILL cause a mess until she is trained,

This will take a few months so persistence and patience are vital. With patience and gentle care, she will be a fabulous family dog and give you years of love and loyalty.

I want to rescue this pet!

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