Name: Ozzy

Sex: Male

Age: 8

Location: Winchester

Character: Ozzy is a 8 year old Jack Russell crossbreed who is quite an active little chap.  He loves humans and human company, but can be unpredictable with children.

Ozzy is rather a clever chap.  He loves his food and is treat oriented, which is very helpful for training. He is a gentle and laid back chap who loves spending time on the sofa.  He  also loves going for walks. He can be very excitable when he first gets out of the front door and pull on the lead a little, but as he is not a large dog, that is not too problematic and he very soon calms down once on the move.

Ozzy is not keen on cats. He can sometimes bark at other small dogs when he is out of doors, but mainly ignores larger dogs.  He loves to swim and paddle whenever he gets a chance and is best kept on a lead as he is easily distracted. He is not great around livestock and tends to chase chickens, birds, rabbits, squirrels or indeed anything else he thinks might be edible!

He enjoys travelling in a car, either wearing a car harness or in a crate.

Ozzy is neutered, vaccinated, flea and worm treated.


Type of home required: Ozzy is looking for a forever home where he will be the only pet in the household, and have someone who is around for much of the day to keep him company. He cannot live with children.

He would be an ideal companion for an older person or couple.

I want to rescue this pet!

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