Name: Athos

Sex: Male

Age: 24 weeks

Location: Southbourne

Character: Athos is a small terrier crossbreed, who is about the size of a Jack Russell terrier. He came into the rescue with his sibling, Aramis.

Athos  is a little reserved to begin with, but he enjoys playing with his toys and with other dogs. Athos would be happy living with children, but anyone thinking of adopting this gorgeous bundle of puppy-ness needs to  bear in mind that he is only a baby, He will jump up, he will mouth, he will steal the children’s toys, he will chase them if they run around, and he will have lots of fun doing all of those things. He can be a little cautious about men, but with responsible and sensitive handling, that can be overcome. Just wait for him to feel comfortable and you will have an amazingly loving, entertaining and playful happy boy.  If you try to force the issue before he is ready, he gets frightened. 

Both any children in the household as well as Athos, will need to be taught to respect one another. Athos will also need a space to call his own, where he can go for quiet time. He has been crate trained, partially to satisfy this requirement, but he is also choosing to sleep in his crate overnight.  It would be useful to maintain his crate training as it can be used when leaving him alone for short periods. Athos’s toilet training is coming on quite well, and this will need to be continued and consistent.

Athos is neutered, vaccinated, flea and worm treated and micro-chipped.  He also has his own passport. 

Type of home required: Athos is looking for an active home, and as he is still only a young pup, he will need someone around to keep him company for much of the day. He will need firm but fair and consistent guidance, using force free training. Puppy classes would be very beneficial to help him become the beautiful well behaved and happy family pup he should be.

We would prefer him to be placed with children aged over 10 years old, who have the maturity to respect his personal space.

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