Name: Ralph

Sex: Male

Age: 2

Location: Currently in kennels in Essex.

Character: Ralph came into the rescue as an emergency to prevent him being put to sleep.  He is a two year old springer spaniel cross who has boundless energy. He has not had the training he should have been given as a puppy and requires continued training and crucially, he also needs to be set some boundaries

Ralph is a beautiful boy who is a bundle of contradictions. On the one hand, he loves human company and can be very friendly. He loves his walks and his cuddles, He loves a bit of fuss and attention and a tummy rub and can be so very affectionate, but then he also has moments when he decides to behave badly and be reactive. 

Ralph is not keen on cats at all and will chase them. He is generally happy to be around other dogs and walks happily with them although he often barks when he first sees other dogs. With the correct diet and lots of exercise, his behaviour has improved greatly, but he still needs lots of training to learn the necessary social skills.

Ralph is neutered,  micro-chipped, flea and worm treated.

Type of home required: Ralph needs a home with owners who are very active and dog savvy, that will set firm boundaries and ensure he sticks to them. He would be fine living with other dogs but probably best not with children.

He should not be allowed to sit on sofas, or sleep on beds. He is a very energetic boy who will need lots and lots of exercise – the more the better.  He loves playing. He is crate trained and this should be continued.  He should only ever be fed in his crate as he has a tendency to guard his food.   He is happiest when he understands what is required of him and his world is secure and stable.

Ralph would be great for Flyball and Agility as he is a clever boy who learns very quickly. He will make a great companion for the right experienced dog owner.



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