“These are some of the dogs l have fostered in the last 6 months since l have been with Adam and his amazing team. I have been asked so many times ‘how can you give them up?’. That’s easy, l know that when they leave me they are going to a wonderful new life, with people who are caring and kind enough to want to help these poor little souls.

During their time with me they are treaded just like a dog of my own. They are socialised, taken out and about, to family and friends, on days out where ever we are going, on trains and buses, to the park with the grandchildren, to the beach or the high street. Introduced to as many other dogs and animals that we can. In return we gain their love and trust. We get a huge buzz out of watching them blossom into their own little characters, see their confidence grow too. Watch them play and interact with other dogs, children and other pets.

I have suffered many serious health issues in the last few years also suffered with depression. Having the dogs with me has made such a massive, positive impact upon me l can’t thank Adam enough for allowing me to foster for him. It hasn’t all been plain sailing. We’ve had sleepless nights. Pee and pooh where it didn’t ought to be! The occasional shoe/slipper redesigned, some suffered with travel sickness. But the good they have done me far outweighs the little problems.. Just a little insight , many thanks for reading about my journey with Adam X.”

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