Eva Diary – settling into a new foster home
Eva is a two year old white and tanned lurcher cross who come to us with little respect for humans’ commands, but she loves to get attention from people. When she first arrived, she had hardly any tolerance for other dogs. Eva doesn’t like equine, cats, poultry, or small mammals such as rabbits or guinea pigs.


Wednesday 24th January:
The moment Eva entered our household you could tell she was nervous and scared, and after everything that had happened to her. it was understandable for a dog to behave in such way. Once settled, we introduced her to our two resident dogs. The dogs’ tails were all wagging which was a really good sign for us, but we soon learned that once Eva was either crated, given squeaky toys or around food, she would the growl and nip the other dogs. So for that reason she has been separated from them. Tonight she fouled on the floor and the sofa but really enjoyed playing with a toy that has a plastic bottle inside. She wasn’t interested in either myself and my partner but we aren’t fussed. It’s her first night with us so it’s understandable that she’s a bit wary of us. Eva didn’t stop barking most of the night. She doesn’t like being crated at night, nor does she like being far from human company. I spent hours going up and down the stairs to tell Eva off for barking or howling the house down. Eventually after several attempts at stupid o’clock in the morning, she settled down – followed by a treat for good behaviour!

Thursday 25th January:
Today Eva continued to bark and howl for attention or if the other dogs got too close to her belongings or her crate. As soon as Eva is away from her stuff she is a completely different dog. Eva loves to go for long walks but is very energetic and will pull on her lead. She needs long walks and to be muzzled when out and about on her jounneys as she is still unsure in certain situation with other animals.
Up to this point she hasn’t been allowed to mingle with the current two resident dogs. Eva still hasn’t responded to any commands. She wouldn’t even sit for a treat and completely ignored us when we called her name. She really wasn’t interested in us unless she wanted some 1-2-1 attention, and she was given lots if she responded to her name, followed by treats.
Eva walked passed one of our resident cats today which snuck in without anyone noticing. Luckily she was on a lead ready to go outside. The situation was handled with care and neither cat nor dog got anywhere near each other but Eva was trying her hardest to “play” with the cat. From that point on, extra care and attention has been given to ensure neither animal is in the same room together again. Eva’s poor nighttime behaviour continued.

Friday 26th January:
So today was interesting. Today we took Eva on a car drive which may I add, wasn’t fun. Once we reached our destination point, Eva was placed on the lead and we then proceeded off for a wander around for a few hours. We had plenty of help from Adam Bailey with Eva’s walks and runarounds which was very much appreciated. Eva soon calmed down and made for a pleasant drive home. Eva has started to respond to her name and to little things that is asked of her. A brilliant step forward for her.
BIG ANNOUNCMENT AND MASSIVE STEP FORWARD! Our own dog Bailey and Eva met face to face through our glass door. With both tails wagging and lots of exciting noises we decided it was time for the girls to finally meet with no leads, muzzles and no restrictions, purely because I felt that the girls didn’t need restricting. We knew it was time for them and I am so glad we did as they got on like a house on fire. They both played for hours on end with no nips or growls from Eva. I am very impressed with Eva’s attitude and playfulness towards one of our resident dogs. Tonight’s bedtime wasn’t that bad and Eva settled so much better. Still got the odd bark and moan but she was much better. Eva’s attitude towards us is improving and she happily says “hello” to us in her own time. Does her tail ever stop wagging?

Saturday 27th January:
Well what can I say that hasn’t already been said. Eva surprises us more and more each day. Both Eva and Bailey have played nicely together when there haven’t been toys involved. Eva sat when asked and was rewarded with treats. She’s not pulling on the lead as much as she did a few days ago. Eva is interacting with children aged 2+ and is happily lapping up our attention. She is so energetic and loves to play football. Eva has so much undiscovered chaacter which she is slowly allowing us to see. She still doesn’t like to be crated, but since we have cats, it’s safer for both when we aren’t about. Eva doesn’t like to be left alone and will bark but soon settles.

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