Character: Rascal is a medium sized 2-3 year old Rottweiler who came to ABRAR from a Bosnian rescue. He is a very special bright and happy boy who is full of beans.

Rascal can be wary of strangers initially. It takes some time for him to trust someone although he has improved greatly and has got along with new people much better, although he still unsure of men.  That said, once he decides that he trusts you, he is fine. He is a fun, playful, energetic, loving boy with such a great character. He suffered from Ricketts as a youngster which resulted in his having bowed front legs, but this does not stop him enjoying his walks, running or having fun jumping around on the sofa to play and have cuddles. He loves all the attention he can get and he responds well with treats. He loves to play with toys.

Unfortunately, he is  not keen on cats, but he gets on well with other dogs and loves playing with them. He is fine with children but best placed with children aged 10 or over, due to his very bouncy nature.

He really needs time and commitment, love and plenty of reassurance and he be your best friend

Type of home required: Rascal is currently in kennels so we desperately needs a foster or forever home for him as soon as possible. Rascal needs a committed fun loving and active cat-free home where he can build trust and loyalty with the family he belongs to. Rascal does best with dog savvy women, and although he is not comfortable with men when he initially meets them, he does build trust.

He is a lovely energetic enthusiastic boy who had a difficult start to his life, and who needs a loyal family who will love him unconditionally.

I want to rescue this pet!

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